Our Company which has experience in Construction – Building and Engineering fields since 1998, adopts the principle of and has the target to have a say in construction sector with its experiences
in surface structures and infrastructure.


Regional Mass Housing Structures

TOKİ Social Reinforcement Structures

Airport Structures

High Rise Office and Residence Buildings

Shopping Mall Structures

Public Structures Education Building Structures

Eğitim Kurumu Yapıları

Sports Complexes

Hospital Structures

Industrial Plants

Dam Structures

High Speed Train Bridge Crossings

Under and Overpass Bridge Structures

Bridge Crossings and Engineering Structures of Turkish Highways

About Us

İşkon which has been established in order to perform construction, mining and energy activities has the objective to render high quality services without compromising from its principles of reliability and performing works without any defect.

With its target to contribute in the country’s economy and to enhance the existing vision of the sector, performing its activities without compromising from its values is the underlying aspect of İşkon’s basic principles.

Our Company targets a sustainable growth in global capital economy unlike the others and to develop projects that value /add value to the environment and human in line with the provided reliability with the created competition alternatives.

Innovative and trustworthy services that are being rendered parallel to these targets and with the proud of being confident about the quality of its products, İşkon move on with an acceleration that brings value to its power as a result of solidarity.

İşkon, started out with great sensitivity on creating projects based on the real demands of the target group with each strategy it develops and forming all of this structure without compromising from its quality aspects. It is committed to maintain this sensitivity all along the way.

Our Company always aims the best in construction sector with the value it adds to spaces. Our company which continues its activities with medium and large scale implementations executed and managed in various fields of construction sector has the target to assess its experiences also in housing sector in coming periods with high standard execution approach and without compromising particularly from the quality of the labor and materials in its works.

Within this respect, our company which regards housing structures as space groups that shall be designed to accommodate architectural solutions and features to respond all kinds of living activities of people of all ages at optimum level rather than considering them only as ordinary structures that meet the need of sheltering of human, has particularly aspired to keep the nature and human relation at the highest level in the living spaces.

Our company which gives priority to customer satisfaction at all times moves forward to be one of the most important brand marks in construction section with its devotion in complying with scientific and artistic principles as well as its respect to nature and environment.